Lareea Mastermind Celebrates Christmas
in Manhattan, NY!!
“Who Else Wants to Have a 'Killer'
New Years Campaign?
My In-The-Trenches PROVEN Marketing
Blue Print WILL Get you 100+ Leads
Month After Month After Month!
Dear Fellow Success Minded Martial Arts Professional, Wouldn’t you like an
easy, proven, and low cost system for getting more leads than you know
what to do with?
How about a staff training system that will turn your staff into a team of
professionals overnight?
How does networking with the top minds in our industry appeal to you?
Could you benefit from a retention system that plugs up the “holes in your
bucket” and STOPS the “revolving door” in and out of your school once and
for all?

Do you want the mindset to “crush it” month in and out, without EVER losing your focus or momentum?

If so, I’d like to invite you to The Larrea Mastermind Success Weekend. Hey my name is Gustavo Larrea, The Success Guy, and I want to share with you my best tactics & systems to help you grow your school to a level you never thought was possible.

These are the very same systems that have helped take my 3 schools to the top of the EFC All Star Team Standings and the same system that has a taken a young, 27 year old entrepreneur by the name of Larry Batista from $0-$80K monthly income in under 3 years!!!
But Before You Read Another Word Of This Letter I Want You To See What Other Martial Arts Professionals, Who Have Worked With Me, Have To Say...
“Gustavo is a knowledgeable man. He keeps poking at things until he gets it right. He is
willing to explore and then dive into new ways to make a business practice work.
--John Cokinos, President, The Educational Funding Company
“Since knowing Gustavo our kickboxing program skyrocketed from 0 students to over 50 in just a few months. He is the most diligent, focused and down to earth gentleman we know.” May 10, 2012
--Mike Erika Dinoto, Owner, Dinoto Karate, Inc
Gustavo is an excellent martial artist with an amazing understanding on what it takes to operate
a successful school.”
--Dave Kovar, CTO, Kovars Satori Academy
“Gustavo Larrea is one of the most accomplished martial arts instructors in the United States.
He has unselfishly guided thousands of children and adults to become leaders in their community.

His relentless passion doesn't stop there. As a leader in the martial arts community, he has helped other martial arts professionals improve the quality of their businesses and lives. He is always willing to help his colleagues as well as his competition.

Gustavo Larrea is a true professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend him for his quality, skill, attention to detail and most of all, his INTEGRITY!
--Miguel Serrano, CEO, United States Karate Academy
Gustavo, I would like to Thank You for September's Bootcamp.

Since then, I have added 36 students to my school!

Considering I was on the verge of closing my doors, you won't believe what this has meant to me and my family. The information was very informative and helpful.

I learned the "secret" to success is implementation! I have a habit of overthinking and NOT taking action. With the information I learned at the meeting, I took action and the results were INCREDIBLE!.

Thanks again!
--Randy Yanoff, Eye of the Tiger Karate, Brochton Ma
“My partner, Mike Rosati and I hired Gustavo to be our business consultant for our Martial Arts School. We acquired an enormous amount of knowledge in a very short amount of time with Gus' guidance. The knowledge about how to run our business has helped us to build a profitable and thriving Martial Arts business. In our first month of working him we raised our gross by $3800!! The principals he shared with us about the business of Martial Arts are simple to implement and effective and have helped ensure our success! Great presentation, great ideas and very thorough. We highly recommend him.”
--Mike & Lisa Marie Rosati, Owner Rosati MMA
“I have had the pleasure of working with Gustavo Larrea on a few occasions. His work ethic is beyond reproach. He is reliable and always follows through on his commitments. He has a standard for excellence and goes the extra mile to complete commitments on time. This has earned him the respect of friends and business associates alike. His dedication and skill as a businessman has caused his company to grow and compete in his industry. He has years of training in martial arts, with a special emphasis in working with children and families. I proudly recommend Sensei Larrea for any business endeavor that he wishes to pursue. I am confident that his efforts will prove beneficial to anyone that chooses to do business with him as well.”
--Jimmy Mack, CEO, Lead Pro
Before Writing Million Dollar Contract Amounts, Back When I Served on The Educational Funding Company Advisory Board, I Took a “Left Turn” and Got Into a Lot of Trouble…
My Headquarter School is located in metro NY, about 20 minutes from Ground Zero. After 9/11 occurred, I got really down. You see, I had Father after Father sitting in my office, literally crying because they had to pull their kids from our program because they lost their job or even worse…a loved one. Combine that with our tanking economy, a poor mindset and within a few short years…I was in TROUBLE! I was down 50% and my bills stayed the same or worse, they were even higher. Bottom line…
I Was Sucking Wind & Running On Fumes :
Our family had expanded to six children. I opened a school using a poor business model. My second oldest was off to college. I had serious $ problems. The tax man came to my home. We were down to one car and it was repossessed and I had borrowed money from my family to get it back. I was going into my change jars just to come up with the money to buy diapers for my baby.

We were in bad shape…

We were down, but not out (get the “Rocky” music ready)…

I then decided I had had ENOUGH and asked myself one question!

“How was it possible that in this economy, some schools were making a killing and I was dealing ‘goose’ eggs???”

So I got to work. I took stock of myself. Looked at what my strengths were and where weaknesses lie within my program but more importantly, within myself.

My #1 Strength…PERSISTENCE. My #1 Weakness…EGO!

I learned E-G-O=>Edging God Out!

Napoleon Hill, in his timeless book Think and Grow Rich, said “There is no noble quality to persistence, but it is to success as carbon is to steel!”

I AM persistent and stubborn as a Bulldog. I was NOT going to give up!

Then I made 2 discoveries. I discovered…
1. Once you decide that nothing is impossible, failure is no longer an option!
2. You don't know what you know.
I worked day and night revamping systems, rewriting manuals and then finally I arrived at the scariest possible place an old “dojo rat” like me could (scary music please…).

The internet.

I studied everything and anyone on the internet. I asked, “How do I use this venue to my advantage?” I worked on developing landing pages, Facebook & all other Social Media Marketing, Email Blasts etc.

I also made a note of what marketing “pillars” didn’t work and thought what would happen if I combined medias?

Fast forward to today and I’ve developed marketing pillars that are better, more predictable, and more low cost than anything you’ve experienced before. My marketing calendar consistently brings in over 150+ leads for my Karate & Kickboxing Program. Over the last year, I’ve developed over 50 different student getting systems, strategies and tactics that work like clock work and produce new clients for me – Month after Month!

I’ve tracked, tested, and tweaked each marketing system until my business grew
100% over the last 3 years!!!
This year alone we’re up 30% from last year!!!

And now I’ve put together all my marketing secrets into a single weekend so you can come learn How to Develop a Kick A** Back to School Campaign and MORE!

We’ll be meeting for the Larrea Mastermind Success Weekend, Nov 29, 30 & Dec 1, 2012
I’ve heard enough! Sign me up for the Larrea Success Mastermind Weekend NOW!
Here’s what we’ll be covering…
Day 1: Thursday, 5-9 pm:
Fill The Need=>Get the Lead!
Module 1 : 5 Killer Steps to Developing an Allstar Team & 3 Lousy Ones.
In this module we will teach all the hard systems we use to develop a team of Peak Performing Achievers. A team that will consistently deliver an 80% Conversion Rate from all their intros! During this session, owners & team members alike WILL realize the mission is COMMISSION!
Day 2: Friday 8:45 am -3:45 pm:
Martial Arts Millionaire Mindset
Module 2 : Why People Fail : How to Break Through the “Terror”
You are what you think about. This one module is solely responsible for turning our team around instantly. Participants will learn how to control their thoughts; stay focused on their targets and learn to operate by making definite demands and applying definite principals.
Module 3 : Goal Setting for Success : Activity Does NOT Mean
We will teach you how to set realistically aggressive goals. Next, develop your Massive Action Plan, and then show you how to track your progress hourly, daily and weekly. You will learn how and when to adjust your plan and how to keep your team focused solely on the goal!
Module 4 : The Ultimate Tracking System
You will be walked through how to put together a web based tracking system so that you can follow up on your team’s productivity from anywhere in the world. This easy-to-follow system will allow you the freedom to work from home when need be.
Module 5 : A Virtual Team Member at 1/2 the Price of a FT Staff Member!
How does having an additional Professional Staff Member without the hassles of training them, dealing with their personalities, having to pay the mandatory state fees such as workmens comp, withholding tax, employee tax, corporate? Someone who will do your prospect calls and even set up school talks and programs for you?



Not true! We will show you how to employ a virtual team member and optimize them! This one module is worth the cost of the whole trip, especially if you’re a one man show or have a school that is NOT performing and you can’t afford a 2nd team member!
Module 6 : Mystery Guest #1: Retention 202
We’ve all heard, “plug the holes” in the bucket…close the “revolving” back door. Well Mystery Guest #1 will teach you how to spend your “hard” marketing dollars for a greater ROI. He’s taken retention to a “whole nuther level” and will show you why it’s more important to spend more $ keeping a student than gaining a one.
Module 7 : Combined Media Marketing
This module will teach you that you “don’t know what you know” in regard to marketing. Everything that worked yesterday doesn’t work today because the information has changed. We will teach you which medias to test out and combine with a MINIMUM risk on investment.
Module 8 : Facebook 101: People Do Business With People They
Know, Trust and Like!
You’re making a BIG mistake if you’re not on Facebook. We will take you through a step-by-step process on
  • How to Create Your Facebook Presence.
  • How to Build a Fanpage Following
  • Why It’s Important to Create a Group
  • How to Transform Students Into Your VIP Advocates!
Module 9 : Mystery Guest #2: How to Run a Pay Per Click Campaign
& NOT Lose Your Shirt!
Our mystery guest will walk you through the process, LIVE on the internet, on how to put together an effective PPC campaign on FB. He will show how to avoid the pitfalls of not having a well targeted campaign and how to get the most “bang” for your buck!
Day 3: Saturday 9:00 am -12 pm
Module 10 : How NOT to be Unemployed Until 4 pm: Tap into the
Billion $ Fitness Industry.
You will learn how we’ve created an endless revenue stream by becoming the leading fitness expert in our community. Our turnkey system will help you grow a very healthy bottom line!
Module 11 : Develop Your Killer Low Cost Marketing “Calendar”
We will be sharing our best practices and marketing pillars for the upcoming Back to School Season all the way through to the Christmas Season. This “arsenal” of tactics and strategies are the very same that help up us to bring in over a 100 + leads every month!
Module 12 : MAP : Massive Action Plan
You have the systems, you’ve have the strategies, Now it’s time to take ACTION. We will help you
strategize, decide what tactics you wish to implement and then, write out your Massive Action Plan. You will leave with a clear defined plan so you can hit the pavement running first thing Monday morning.
The Larrea Mastermind Success Weekend will be held as follows:
Time: Thursday 5-9 pm, Friday 8:45 am - 3:45 pm, Sat 9 am-12 pm
Where: NY Marriot Marquis, 1535 Broadway, NY, NY 10036
Tel 1-800-MARRIOT
Registration: EARLY EARLY BIRD- $497
Note: Payment Plan Available!!
Registration After October 31, 2012 : $597.
Every system taught will come with a “How TO” Manual Valued at over $100 each! That’s over $500 in FREE gifts and supplementary materials!!!
See you at the Mastermind!
Still not sure? Here’s our no risk guarantee, just in case
NO RISK: 100% Money Back Guarantee
Invest in yourself and come to the Larrea Mastermind Success Weekend, learn to use the strategies and techniques that I teach you, and if, by the end of the weekend, you don’t feel that what you’ve learned is worth at least double what you paid for the seminar; I will issue a full refund – no questions asked and no hard feelings.
I’ll even throw in all the bonus materials as a gift from me.
Fair enough?